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The Transport Research Institute initiates and administers development projects open for discussion, amendments and free use.


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  • Administrator: T.Anastassov
  • Coordinator: M.Klisurova
  • Project managers
  • #01: T.Anastassov
  • #02: T.Anastassov
  • #03: V.Filipova
  • #04: T.Anastassov
  • #05: ...wanted...
  • #06: ...wanted...
  • #07: T.Anastassov


Training courses

Open Projects

#01 Technical specification for road construction | more

The aim of this project is the periodic update of existing BG technical specifications of road construction. Thus, each designer, consultant or public administration will be able to use the latest specification.

#02 BG Highway Design Standards | more

The aim of this project is periodically update of existing Bulgarian Highway Design Standards.

#03 BG Pavement Design Standards | more

The aim of this project is the creation of bulgarian Pavement Design Standards.

#04 Road and Structures Glossary | more

The aim of this project is to create a glossary of terms used in the field of roads and structures- design, construction and maintenance.

#05 Web portal for reference construction cost | more

The web portal for unit prices of materials, machinery and construction of roads will benefit all participants in this process - employer and contractors.

#06 BG HDM calibration set | more

The creation and maintenance of a web database set of input data to the HDM model will allow all consultants and administrations to manage better their asset and plan more cost effectively future investments.

#07 National Transport Model | more

Creating and maintaining a set of basic input data for a common national transport model would contribute improve planning and assessment of future transport projects in Bulgaria.